Three Positive Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

I’ve talked a little about positive affirmations in a previous post but I want to dedicate this post completely to affirmations and why everyone should do them everyday. I feel like not enough people even know what affirmations are or why they are so important. First off, affirmations are statements or declarations that you make about/for yourself in order to better your life, attitude, or perspective and they can be life changing. We use positive affirmations to sort of reprogram our mindset and change our outlook, the goal is to get rid of all negative thoughts and focus on your main goals in life. The key to this is to not feel silly about your affirmations, speak or write them just as if they are true. Personally I prefer to write them down and I keep them all in my journal but another good thing to do is write them on sticky notes and put them up somewhere that you will see them often, like around your mirror or by your bedroom door. Here are three positive affirmations to start everyday with:

“I am strong.”

This may seem a little generic or obvious but it will change how you feel and see yourself so much. We all go through plenty of tough times and sometimes you may feel like you just can’t go on anymore and you might want to give up but this proclamation will help you to stay in control and know that you will make it through and there will be good times again.

2. “I am open minded and accept things I cannot change.”

Keeping an open mind is often hard to do. We see what someone else is doing or saying and we automatically form an opinion about it. The best thing for us to do when someone has a different point of view is to try to understand and see where they are coming from. When you decide to be open minded you consider new ideas and do not judge people for their perspectives because more than likely you have been through a lot of different things in life, hence the difference in opinions. Know when something is out of your control and don’t dwell on it, don’t let it ruin your day when a person disappoints you or you just found out you got a bad grade on a test because these things are no longer changeable.

3. “I am kind and try to see the good in others.”

Spreading kindness is something I have become passionate about lately, it doesn’t take much to say some friendly words or even just give a little smile! Even if the gesture is not acknowledged it does have an impact on that person, and you probably made their day a little better. I know it’s easy to get frustrated when someone looks at you in a judgemental way or huffs when they get in line behind you at the grocery store but in reality, you more than likely aren’t the problem at all, it could just be a bad day— or week. Just smile and give the person a chance don’t automatically feel the need to give back the vibes that they are putting out.

Positive affirmations can change your life and give you a whole new perspective, you can add some personalization to them and definitely do as many as you want! Focus on what you want for your life and the kind of person you want to be and you will never fail. Don’t let your negative thoughts come between you and your purpose, always stay enthusiastic about life and you will do great things. Be positive and kind. Xoxo 😉

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