In Simplicity There Is Joy

Living simply seems to be a thing that most people struggle with, we are always waiting for the next big thing. We keep wanting and waniting no matter how much we have. Looking for happiness in material things will always end in disappointment, things will not fix your troubles. In the spirit of keeping it simple, this post is going to be short and sweet.

When searching for joy in life, it is important to know where to look, don’t go looking at the mall, you won’t find it there. Happiness comes from within, we have to choose to be happy. I have been trying to figure out how to live more simply and not focus on worldly things so this week (or month) has been a mess.

Decluttering my house has been my first step towards living a more simple life. I have been going through kids clothes, dishes, utensils, shoes, toys, and so on. Just trying to weed out the unnecessary things. And if there is one thing I have learned through this, is that it’s not always easy getting rid of your things, I kept wondering if I would regret giving certain things away or if I would end up needing them, however, I actually haven’t thought about any specific things since I dropped them off. As I’m going through my stuff, if I find something that feels hard to part with I ask my self, “Has it been more than 6 months since I have used this?” And unless it’s something only used on rare occasions (funeral, wedding, etc.) then I throw it in the give away pile.

Next on the list is decluttering your mind, get rid of all negative thoughts and worries. It’s harder for me to give you a play by play for this part because you are the only one in control of your own mind and you’re the only one who knows your thoughts but I can tell you the best way to start.

Don’t dwell on the past, what’s done is done and if something didn’t go the way that you would have liked then focus on the positive things you will do in order to make sure it will be different next time. Free your mind from any fears or anxiety that you may have over things happening in the future. The future is uncertain, it’s true, but you should look at that as great opportunity. You have the power to make your life into what you want, don’t forget that. Meditation works really well for focusing your energy on your goals and keeping it off of your dreads. Actually picture yourself reaching your potential, finding your purpose, and fulfilling your dreams.

In simplicity there is joy, don’t get wrapped up in worldly things and forget about what really matters: your happiness. Xoxo 😉

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