5 Ways To Seize The Day

Over the past week I have had zero motivation, I have put off everything until absolutely necessary. Why have I been this way? I would like to blame it on being tired, which is probably some of it, but if I’m being honest it’s just been pure laziness. I get up and lay on the couch with my very cranky toddler, then feed our 4 month old, put her down for a nap. Then put our toddler down for a nap and then usually take a nap myself. I know, right. Procrastination at its finest.

And as I lay on the couch I know deep down that if I just made my self start the laundry or do the dishes then I could get out of this funk that I’m in and start being productive. But just telling myself this does not always work, sometimes it takes more. Here are 6 ways to help get you up to make the most of your day:

1. Reward yourself

That show you’ve been hooked on for weeks? Or that cake in the kitchen that you can practically hear calling your name? Use those. Tell yourself that if you can just get through that pile of laundry or that daunting bathroom clean up then you will be rewarded.

2. Make a list

Write out your to do list and make it very specific.


• clear table

• wipe table

• wash dishes

• put away dishes

• wipe out sink

By writing your list as smaller tasks, you can mark more off, and the more things that you get to check off of your list, the more motivated you will be to keep going.

3. Get on pinterest

Get some ideas for your dream kitchen or living room, look at DIY organization, check out minimalist ideas. Doing these things will make you want your house to be cleaner and more organized, and as a plus, it can give you some good tips on decluttering! Because seriously, a cluttered house, does not feel like a clean house.

4. Get your partner in on the fun

It may seem silly, but you will work harder if you have someone working with you! Some days I’m cleaning all day while my husband is sleeping but if my husband is off work and we both agree to just an hour of cleaning we can knock it all out like nothing. And it’s a lot more fun than doing everything all alone!

5. Crank up your favorite pandora station

Nothing sad please! Feel good music can really get you in the mindset that you need to conquer the day. Jamming out while cleaning is another great way to put some fun into your work, singing and dancing helps a lot too. 😉 Plus this will make time go by fast!

I know that motivation is something that everyone can use a little help with so use these tips to go and SEIZE THE DAY! Xoxo 😉

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